To master a new technology,

you have to play with it.

Who we are?

ICT Specialist

We are ICT specialist for more than 15 years experience in computer industries.

Trainer & Coach

We train and we coach people to gain more knowlede in ICT field.

Academic Research Tutor

Since we are PhD holder, we also share our knowledge in academic research methodolgy with all who need it and we coach people too!

Our Services

Training & Coaching

We share knowledge through training session and we enhance knowledge through coaching session.

Extremely easy to extend

For those who needs more sharing session, it is easy to extend what you want.


We give the best sharing session by conducting the affordable workshops.

Powerful admin helpdesk

It's done to focus on customer service. You may contact us via email or WhatsApp. It's easy!

Blog in the box

We bring our expertise into online presence to a whole new level with the extensive blog functionality that comes in the version by default.

Across Disciplinary

Our knowledge sharing is across disciplinary. From ICT to academik since our founder is a PhD holder in Computer Education and she is good in academic research methodology.

Bring your own network!

BYO for anything. At Hudanur Kreatif, we traing ourselves to be more stand alone and always ready in any situations. Bring your own device and bring your own network!