Nourishing night cream by HK using active ingredients as follows.


It's all about anti-inflammatory. Belides will helps u hydration your skin so that you can feel the freshness during your sleep and your skin will look younger day by day!


Nanowhite is the main ingredient used to formulate our night cream. The effect of nanowhite is triple times bleach to lighten the skin. It's also preventing skin pigmentation from burns and have antioxidant properties that will gives you fairer and glowing skin.


Propolis+VCO is very well known ingredient with function of anti-fungus, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It's also natural moisturizer for your skin.


Dermcorn function is to stimulate keratinisit and increasing the synthesis. In addition, it is also a protein matrix in the dermis (skin layer).

Vitamin C

Contains antioxidants and improve skin texture.

Vitamin E

Anti free radicals, highly effective moisturizing agent, increasing skin elasticity and smoothness.

Vitamin A

Increasing the active cell growth, normal cell division and overcome the damage of aging mechanisms and UV rays.

Biosulphur Fluid

Three times more effective for skin problems which is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and regulate oil secretion.